This month has been full of all sorts of fun. Last weekend Shawn Bermudez & his buddy Jared came up to Ptwn, they wanted to check out some bars, since they are thinking of moving here and opening a new one. Wow, I think he hit most of them up & my hangover has finally subsided- thank God! This past weekend Andy Lucas flew in from Maui ( favorite island of the Bondurant sisters ). It was good seeing him, I wish he were still here so we could go to Gza together...anyways, we did a nice hike to Punch Bowl Falls. I even went in the water and damn it was cold! Worth it though.

More fun to come this week. Mikey Urban is in town, Cameron comes back from Humboldt and Heathcliff of course. Things are looking good.

Till the next episode... love!

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