Things I Learned From Gza Last Night

1. How to play chess. First, Gza tells me that chess is a great natural high. He does not like when people play "cubby" moves aka cubs scout moves that are super basic. His cousin taught him a few years ago and Gza loves to play on the tour bus. He will take any challengers and he never gives up.

2. That washing your hands after using the bathroom is very important. He tells me that this is where he starts judging people. Gza said that he knows girls are trashy if they don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Keep it fresh yo!

3. How to make a fresh late night smoothie while on a tour bus. Preparation is key. He cuts up fresh fruit, freezes it and then busts it into the blender with a little water. The smoothie he made had pineapple, banana, strawberries and a few fresh blueberries. I was impressed that after a show he just busted one out. Yum Yum!

4. How to have to softest skin in the world. Touch him, you will understand. He told me that once he met a little kid and the kid called him out for having super soft hands. His nails are really nice as well, he says it is all the good food he eats. I believe it after the late night healthy smoothie.

5. Time to stop smoking. As we rolled down the smoke filled halls of the hotel, he told me that he doesn't smoke anymore. Gza is 42 now and feels like that it is in his past. He has better things to do now...time to evolve in a different way.

~Thanks to Heathcliff for inviting me out last night. Next time we have to hang when you are not working. Good times are here again...

Heathcliff & I on stage while Gza got all crazy with the 46 chambers.


Anonymous said...

damn yo! Enter the 46 chambers!!! Wicked Sixx!

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