A planetary timepiece.......


This is a collaboration with craigor clark's "Slice of the universe" lapidary work. Center stone is, Quartz with hematite inclusions, cored with opal, 18k gold and lapis, back of stone (green) is serpentine

This is the first hinged bracelet I have ever made. There are small faceted benitoites (state stone of california from San benito county) across top of center piece. Each panel of bracelet is a different original image etched into the metal (A new technique for me). There isTrapiche ruby from hong hsu, burma on clasp. 18k gold accents on the planets. Meteor cut out on reverse shows serpentine back of craigor's work as well as his signature. This is the first of many hinged bracelets to come. I hope that you all are enjoying spring and life to the fullest. Look forward to seeing many of you this summer. Enjoy the pix!

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