Heya Bondo
So I took the time to read through your blog this morning
Of course i haven't slept; dont ask me why i dont sleep at night, it just doesnt seem to happen.
I'll forgo proper grammatifications and other such capitalizing in the interest of maintaining a train of thought.
Things that I like to do in portland-
Somewhere downtown is an old school arcade that serves beer. They have all these retro arcade machines, street fighter and punch out and raiden and older stuff, Qbert and frogger and shit. I hung out there, blew five bucks in quarters and five bucks in beer, lasted me til like 2am. I believe the joint is called Quarters or something like. Point is its awesome, find it, check it out.
Also, the best thing about portland in my opinion is the oregonians. They are a different breed from you or I, and pretty much provide the entertainment in the city. Just talk to them. Thats what i did most of the time.
Book stores- have you been to this powells or whateverthefuck its called? the Gigantic bookstore they have there? so much to look at, three whole stories of bookshelves. I could have spent days in there, and even after a couple hours i walked out with like 50 bucks worth of books.
Coffee- no, i dont drink coffee no more and I know you dont either, but still, they got some fly little coffee houses and bakeries goin on up there.
The park- never seen such parks in my life. Spent some time in one, waiting for a ride.
Artists- pretentious intellectuals... need I say more? Even hours after your done associating with them, they are still good for a laugh.
DJs- these creatures are found in any city, seek them out, follow them around from venue to venue. Im sure something interesting will come of it.
Dive bars- of course dives are my favorite, and portland has jsut a particular flavor of dive that is... well its unique, something about the city, but the dives have a special spirit or presence.
Anyhow, thers my bullshit list of shit to do in portland. Its not much, but it never is, is it?
Your guy problem. Seriusly, how are you having guy troubles? You are turbofriendly, pretty, and nice. What the hell is going on man?
I am still dumbfounded that you resorted to internet dating. Like, for one, this is just a bad idea to begin with, and for two, seriusly bro, is it really that bad?
I just don't know what to say kid. Is the rain dampening your natural charm? is it fucking up your hair? makeup running?
Now, all kidding aside, your dating troubles are not necessarily my concern, and i wouldnt want to stick my nose all up in your business, but the thought of someone as outgoing and gregarious as you being lonely is troubling to me. So, i have some advice.
Don't think too hard about it. Only gonna get yourself all worked up and neurotic. Dudes are easy, simple even, and once you figure out what you really want it will be there, probably right in front of your face. The only way to reason these things out is to quiet the mind and let the deepest part of yourself speak.
Not that I'm an expert or anything, but as a person who's wasted a great deal of time worrying about whether chicks like me or not, I know a little bit about dealing with confusion and frustration.
Patience and understanding; the better part of your brain knows whats going on, and will let you in on that information when it becomes pertinent.
After all, if Bondurant cannot find romance, what hope is there for the rest of us? ;D
Forgive me if I'm trodding upon something deeply personal. You know i do not mean to intrude into your bubble. I just read your blog and thought, I have a response lol.
You dont even want to know about my women problems sister.
On a whole other note, tomorrow is the release party for the literary journal that my story is in. there will be a buffet and readings, but I opted out of reading, because i get nervous and my voice quivers in front of crowds. But... buffet. and refreshments. I'm trying to arrange for a pdf version of my story as it appears in print, so i can send it via email to my various contacts along the coast.
I almost forgot!
I got your postcard!
Fuckin awesome! I love it. Tacked up on the wall next to Henry Miller's Work Schedule for 1932-33.
Well, its closin in on 1030 and ive about rambled myself out. Tired as all get out and my cat has stolen my bed.
I actually have a few other intersting stories to relate, but they will ahve to wait. I'm simply too tired to articulate them properly, with the carefully weighed and calculated sense of drama with wich i like to infuse my letters.
So, let me end by saying I hope all is well, and my advice reached you too late and you have found a lasting and fulfilling rleationship or perhaps inner peace, whichever is more convenient, and a hobby to occupy your time in rainytown.
Til then, let the raging continue!
Your friend and brother in poverty and humility,

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