Mr. Lif & Akrobatik / Omega Watts @ Berbati's Pan

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When I first saw Mr. Lif in Humboldt, I was more in awe of that fact he had only two little dreads forming than I was into his rhymes. That was not the case this time at Berbati's in Portland. Mr. Lif's hard hitting lyrics, question our current establishment and with Akrobatik's drilling, the audience will not forget the need to rock the system. DJ Therapy raging the beats added to this trio of fire and then grabbed the mike for some words of wisdom. Opener Omega Watts seriously blew my mind. I think he is a local Portland artist...either way, this kid rocked the show harder than Lif. Looking young and shouting tough, OW's thrilled me and made me feel like it was my first show all over again. I have searched for more info about him, but can't find a thing. Yo, Omega, where you at? He is like the prince in Cindarella, where the hell do I find this kid? I'll keep you posted, maybe he'll apear after midnight? All I know is that he is definatly worth checking out!

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