This has been the funniest week! I am not going to lie. I have been on 6 dates in 4 days. This has been the funniest experience ever. I laughed, I cried and I even wanted to throw up a few times. Kati and I have been experimenting with Match.com, which we now call MAtch.wrong. As you know, the winter was getting drab, so we had to mix things up a bit. Match.wrong has brought so much fun to our sunless, funless lives. Here are some examples of the quality men that cruz match:

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WHAT A HOTTIE!!!! and he loves Jesus. Sounds like a catch to me!

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This is SNUGGLEMONSTER. What a total babe! I think I might wanna snuggle up with him tonight.

Wow- with options like these, you can plainly see that Match.wrong is completely worth the $30 paid. Now, not all the dates have been so bad, but it has all been a barrel of laughs either way. I am just waiting for the day I can muster up enough courage to ask one of these fine chaps out. Stay posted!

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BoxedMedia said...

ur fackin funny nikki...poor guys....shit i cant stop laughing ? That match site must be crap...no ?