Husband Hunting

So, I got bored today. It was a rainy day in Brooklyn and I already did all my chores, so I figured a good way to pass the time would be to surf for a hubby. I logged into eHarmony, opened some wine, and answered the 15 or so page interview to find my new man. The whole time I was answering personal, but oh-to-real questions about myself, I wondered- how the hell is the Internet going to find me a hubby who is down for all the stuff I am into. I mean really? How are these simple questions going to help me find a guy to travel the world with? So I proceeded and finally my answers started to show up. Unfortunately, I am going to have to pay to see all my new men, so i decided to just browse their bio's for now. So, hubby #1 is Christopher from Huntington Beach. He is a 32 yr old who is passionate about his career as a orthopedic surgeon. Wow! I can't believe I would ever fall in love with an orthopedic surgeon! Might this be love at first sight? Oh, but wait, there is hubby #2, shining through the list. Hubby #2, Adam from Tustin grew up in Iowa and spent most of his time outside hunting, fishing, riding, canoeing, camping and wrenching on toys. Sounds like a dream boat right? Oh, did I mention that Adam views himself as mature? Definitely not going to work out. Unless Adam wants a free spirited novelty hippie chick.

So once again, my husband search has been cut short. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be married, but then other times I realize that with my life being so spontaneous, it would be really hard for me to settle with guys like Christopher & Adam. Sorry eHarmony but I am not going to pay your fee to find my dream hubby. Maybe next time! - Actually, maybe next time I will read a book instead of getting so bored as to internet search for the future Mr. Bondo.

Good luck finding love folks. Who knows, your future could be one click away... or one bottle of wine for that matter!


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