Darkside Drunks

I don't mind if people drink. Hell, I like my wine, my beer and my champagne every now and again. One thing I can not stand is darkside drunk. This is term used for normal people, who when under the influence of alcohol turn into drunkin monsters. These people are business men, women with careers, bums on the street: this problem can effect anyone. What happens is that as soon as they see alcohol, the lose their limits. Next thing you know they have gone from one drink to five in under an hour. Pace them- it is true. As the drinks go down the transformation begins. They go from your average Joe, to a total asshole who wants to fight you and the whole bar. This would actually be a good scenario for darksiders. It always gets worse! Next thing you know they are flashing everyone, telling your best friends off, embarrassing you, embarrassing themselves. The best is when you are one drink deep and they are ten, when they try to discuss why their parents hate them, or start questioning you, asking why are you the way you are. All the while they have no idea what they are saying or doing and will never remember it no matter how hard you try to get them to remember. It is so frustrating dealing with these darksiders. I am not saying that I am a saint, but these people bug the hell out of me, and honestly bore me to death. I don't mind a little darkside drunk here and there from someone, but every time you go out gets old. I hate monotony! So why the hell would I want to relive nights at the bar with a darksider over and over again? The insanity must stop!

So, that brings me home tonight. Instead of continuing my night out with my darkside drunk roommate, I have decided to come home and spill my guts about it. Trust me, it is more exciting than dealing with a darksider. At least I can go home with a sense of pride...


p.s. If you are a darkside drunk, sober up and stop making life so boring.

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