Flipper with Krist Novoselic

12:50 am, Sunday, Sept. 6. Ash Street Saloon: It suddenly dawns on me as Flipper are setting up that the majority of the people I've seen working the soundboards this weekend were women. How freakin' cool is that? (RH)

12:55 am, Sunday, Sept. 6. Ash Street Saloon: Flipper front man Bruce Loose is stalking the stage as the rest of the band sets up, trying to be heard over the loud garage rock being played over the sound system. As best as I can make out, he's happy that he can smoke on stage, he wants to know how many people have actually heard of this band before, and he doesn't want people spilling his pitchers of Guinness and water that are sitting in front of the kick drum. (RH)

1:00 am, Sunday, Sept. 6. Ash Street Saloon: Having missed them the last time they came through town, I can't tell you how absolutely off the wall excited I am to be watching Flipper playing "Way of the World." It sounds as vibrant and brutal as it did when I first heard it. (RH)

1:25 am Saturday, Sept. 6. Ash Street Saloon: Halfway through the set, just as bassist Krist Novoselic's playing gets unbearably loud, I almost collapse in a heap on the floor due to exhaustion.

This was taken from the Willamete Weekly.

This past weekend was the North West Music Fest. Wow. I saw 21+ bands in two nights. I started the weekend out watching The Skinnyz at Rontom's. They totally shred even though their guitarist told me off last year ( grudger ). Then more bands that all sounded the same... then Witchcraft who obviously rocks. Second night highlights were late night Caves show, Nebula- LOVE IT!! and of course a night with Krist Novoselic and Flipper. OK no Nebula footage but the bassist was the hottest guy in Portland and he's married so time to move. Anyways, Flipper was amazing till my ear drums burst out and my mind was blown out of my skull and ordered a Jager at the bar while I headbanged. Yes, it was amazing, but the sound was a bit difficult to take in. I was pretty stoked to see long time hero Krist playing just inches away from me. If better days had seized us, I would have been watching Krist, Dave and Kurt all together playing some Teen Spirit or at least thrashing their guitars and maybe even setting the drum set on fire. Oh, the good times... those good times are gone and until we are in rock n roll heaven, we must settle for what is rocking now. What is rocking now is the question. Let me know... it is on~!

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