On July 2. 2008, my dreams came true. In 1984, when I told my mother I had a crush on George Michael, she responded "that is the guy you have a crush on?". Yes, mommy, that is who I have a crush on...yesterday, today and tomorrow. On July 2, I was blessed by the presence of Mr. George Michael. After a 17 year break from touring, Michael is back and in full swing. Putting out a new album featuring classics as well as some new hits, Michael keeps his enthusiasm and continues to amaze us with his beautiful voice. On Monday, an agent at my office called and changed my life forever. Joel asked if I wanted to see my crush, George! I was flabbergasted! George Michael? Mr. Wham! Mr. I want your sex?! YES YES YES!!! I begged my boss for the time off and got ready! The show was in Seattle and we spent the whole day checking out hotels, looking for out 80's icon. After about 5 hotel searches we decided to get ready for the show and headed out. The concert was amazing to say the least. George, as beautiful as ever, made us cry with tunes like 'Careless Whisper', 'Praying For Time' and even the Police cover 'Roxanne'. It was totally fantastic! He closed with 'Freedom', one of my favorite songs. I had an amazing time and am so grateful that Joel granted me the opportunity of a lifetime! George, I love you!! Thank you for making hairy chests hot as hell!!

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