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This weekend rocked! I met up with Unkle, Number 1, Jennifer and the rest of Bendana in Bend, Or on Friday night at the BBC. Love it! Sadly, they were out of Hop Head, my favorite new beer. After a night of fun & games, Kati and I headed up to Suttle Lake. Yeh, it is summer! It was like 99 degrees on the lake- loving that! We just hiked around and laid out for awhile, then Unkle & Fino met up with us. We BBQed and floated around all day long! FUN FUN FUN~! On Sunday, the boys took off early, so we went and rented a fisher man's boat. It was slow, but so much fun. I made the mistake of jumping off... oops! i couldn't get back on. Looks like I am going to have to take a guy out next time to help out on my boat. After a few hours of boating, Kati & I rolled up to BreightenBush where we chilled in 120 degree hot springs and saunaed it up. After a hippie spa day, we had a huge vegan organic dinner at the hippie spa. It was the best weekend ever! I feel so refreshed and in-touch with my inner hippie. I love summer. I love the way the sky is clear and blue. I love the trees and the glisten of the sun on the water. I got sad as we made our way back to Portland. I know in my heart, I am a country girl. I think I am in love with Bend, Or. I am not too sure how the winter's are, but I am in love with Summertime Bend. It is kinda my thing: trees, beer, kind people who are fun. Love it! LOve you!

Till the next episode...

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