Pints of London

Celina & I

Mark & Celina

We love pints!

Hey Now! I finally got off the farm yesterday and made my way down to London. I arrived at Euston around lunch via the Virgin train. Not a lot going on in Euston area but I found some fun before I had to meet Celina, Eric's friend. I went to this crazy museam with an exibit about sleep. I was able to see all types of art with the theme in mind. They had Coolridge's Kubla Khan, some cool nightmare art and even a short silent film by Dali. After I found a cafe called Planet Organic. I was feeling it to say the least. Got some og veggies and chilled there for awhile, did some people watching. Then back to the station for a glass of wine and to meet Celina. We met up and instantly hit it off. We rolled to the store to grab some gin n tonics in a can before hitting the tube to somewhere... and went to a pub. It was her friend's birthday, so there was a group of wonderful people to hang out with. It was a proper English pub, so we got properly wasted on pints. The pints are huge here and they drink so many. I tried to keep up but alas I am a lightweight. We ventured back to her house where I am now writing. I am off to see the River Thames in a few... hopefully find some more adventures today! Love it and love you! Cheers!

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