Milton Keynes

Welcome to England! At least that is where I think I am. Eric and I reunited after 5 years yesterday at the Heathrow Airport. It was good to see him. Once we started talking we couldn't stop... so much has gone on with both of us... so much to tell! But enough about those... new memories to make now! Still in a coma from my pilliage (fligth + pills), we cruised around north to where he lives: MLiton Keynes. Apparently in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Very gorgeous and rual as all hell. This is the real rual shit! Seriously, rolling hills and such... not like the hills of Northern Cali. It is rather cold here but the sun is shinning with pure love. Today is day 2 and I am still a bit jet lagged. Tomorrow I am off to London. Stay tuned for the good times... because my friend, they have only just begun!LOVE YOU!

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Boxed Media Group said...

holla sixx...good to have you up in the spot!! Its been way too long! Have fun in London sis!