Strange Days

Woah. So I think for the prime age of 28, that i have seen all types of stuff. The other day, I found out that a person I met here in Portland had died. He was found in the Matol River in So. Humboldt. This is so strange to me. I am completely saddened for the loss of such a wonderful, kind person. It is so unfortunate. But to think, that someone I know was found in the Matol, a beautiful river that has been deemed ancient. Living in Humboldt, I remember people fighting to save the river and the surrounding trees. It was quite the controversy. To think a lost soul, like my friend, was found in this beautiful territory. I can only hope that he did indeed rest in peace. I know death is not the best thing, but to think of your final moments away from the city, away from the drama of man, away and into the trees. This, I believe would be the best rest. Though I will miss him and am very saddened that he is gone, I am happy to know that he was surrounded by the most beautiful earth possible. There are magic in the trees and may this magic bless his soul eternally.

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