Stacey Vs. Portland: Stacey Wins!!!

Stacey, my sister, came to visit this past weekend. Thursday we went to Tori's jewlery show on Alberta, where we scored some beautiful earings! Then off to Siam Society. I am not sure how their food is, but it looked over priced for Thai food. Their drinks consisted of a jalapeno's, vodka and a hangover.
Friday we kept it pretty mellow. We indulged on Pix treats and watched the 80's classic North Shore, then passed out.
Saturday rocked the hardest!! Pace and I got up around noon and jetted out to Punch Bowl Falls. When we first drove up , we saw huge king salmon swiming upstream-AMAZING!! On the trail there were so many beautiful trees. They were all so many different fall colors! Being a total tree-hugging hippie, I almost cried. Along the trail we saw a snake, a caterpiller and a big bright sun. After a few miles, we ate lunch near the waterfall and laughed. It was the best time with Stacey. She even said that this was the best and how she could not believe that we had gotten along so well. This is a monumental time in our lives indeed! On the way back from the fall, we puddled around in the stream to see some more salmon. We found one that had been dead for awhile. It was huge, maybe four feet long even. After the amazing day in the forest, Pace and rolled out to the Adidas outlets and went crazy.
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That night we teamed up with the Dewitts and went to a wonderful dinner. It was so nice to be around such warm, kind people. We all laughed, drank wine and had fun conversations. What a blast! It truly made me so happy inside. After dinner, the boys took us to the Doug Fir for some music, followed by a trip to Ron Tom's.
Sunday was back to chill mode. Then early Monday morning Stacey flew out and I cried. Stacey and I had a wonderful weekend! We got along and that meant so much to me. I feel like this weekend brought us closer together as sisters and women. I love her so much and we have really come a long way. I miss her so much already and look forward to her visiting again. Love you Stacey!
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