One Weekend In Portland: Crystal In The Streets

Crystal and I love to hang out. We tend to have a bit too much fun together. No matter what, we have an excellent time. This trip was no exception. After a morning bed session ( our favorite time; consisting of hangover pillow talk and excessive amounts of tea) we hit the streets. We went to dinner at Typoons with Jeff and a posse of freshie PDXers who were very cool. Then Crys and I hit ron toms. After a few mamosas we were feeling ood. So we met uyp with the preveous posse and headed to Sassy's. A few dances and dollars later we were ready for a new vibe. We then headed over to the Holecene, where I saw girl get hit by a drunk driver- loose! The streets started to get crazy with popo, so we went back to posse central. There we partook in a late night jam session. It was sick, we had 4 people on the drums, one on bass and one on keys. Then we switched it up. This tranced out till about 5:30 am. I am so lucky to have a friend who loves the same type of fun as I do. Thanks Crys, another weekend well done!Image Hosted by

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