Money Problems???

No worries! Just go on Phish Tour!!! The foursome reunited last weekend in Hampton, Virginia and drew up quite the crowd. It had been 5 years since the band had hit the stage, so you could say the fans were a bit restless. Allegedly, around $1.2 million in illegal drugs were seized by police at this high profile reunion show. For the full article, go here. Apparently leading the way for the economies shift through drug trade, Phish is also setting the bar for free downloads. They have decided to give away all 3 nights of their Hampton Reunion shows for free. They are confident enough that their phans will support them through thick and thin. Why would they sweat a little free download when they have hours of shows for sale and to come. For more info about these downloads, go here. To get the ophishial downloads of these shows, go here.

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Megan said...

Oh, wait, I guess they are sweating it now since you can no longer download for free. I was going to get them for my mom since she keeps asking what all the fuss is about but now it cost money. I guess the millions they made playing the shows just didn't cut it.