February 2 at 4:46pm
i am just taking it as if i were cut from your life. it is cool. hope all is well & i wish u well w/ ur life.love u still!!

Today at 11:13am
Dude are you serious? What is wrong with you?I don't even know where to begin.....First of all, you have come to Humboldt many times since you moved away, and I always understood when you didn't make time for me, or even call.Second, I am engaged and trying to plan a wedding which until two days ago was going to be in 7 months. Dates are not working out, money is tight, etc. I am stressed out, 20 lbs. overweight, and barley together. In between long, stressfull trips to the bay to plan, I come home and play catch up with my work. I am sorry that I wasn't able to drop everything to hang out with you, but I wasn't able- it wasn't that I don't like you. Third, maybe if you showed ANY sign of friendship towards my fiance (like acknowledging that she lives here when you leave a message on OUR answering machine) it would make my life allot easier. How would you feel if after you came to Humboldt and didn't even bother to call me, I accused you of hating me? Would you like that?CR
I feel like a total loser now. I can admit it. I totally F-ed up this time. I am so so sorry.

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