Just when they made you believe that 30 is the new 20, you realized that 30 is still old. Not sure if it is just the stigma attached to turning the dirty 30, or if it is the wrinkles that are suddenly appearing everywhere, but the number 30 is causing quit the rawkus.

I personally turn 30 in March and am beginning to feel the weight of the matter. My friend is 31 and she is acting like it is the end of the world. This frightens me. Are we really getting that old? I mean what is 30 on the grand scheme? Hopefully 30 will be at least our half way point, or even better 1/3 of our total life span.

Who can really call the future? It is all about living in the here and now. I guess 30 is a great time to reevaluate things and a time to start treasuring precious moments. Turning 30 is a time to embrace the wrinkles and the damage from the past, and start anew.

We are not old baby, we are just getting wiser by the day!


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