So sad to say good bye to New York and the wonderful times we shared. The sky scrappers, the brunch days, the one way tickets on the met... I will never forget you. My trip to New York was amazing. I was able to learn yoga with the most wonderful people. They are all so amazing! New York made me new friends, and helped me reconnect with ones of old. It was amazing hanging out with Balir Thetford after about 10 years of being out on our own. It was a treasure to reconnect with Jen Fraser. Talking with her was so dear, it really touched my heart. We met around age 15-16 and were juvenile delinquent grrrLs together.Oh the good times of yesterday and the blessed ones of today! New York brought me to the famous... Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald among my most favorites. I am so thankful for the opportunity my roommate Aaron provided me. It was so kind and I am most gracious.

Thursday around 1 pm, I landed in Oakland. What a breath of fresh air: California. I was back in my home state. Udom picked me up and we drove to Sonora, Ca. and met one of my best friend's Julia. She and Udom, her boyfriend, live in Sugarpine, about 10 minutes North of Sonora. Wow, this place is like camping. There is nothing around. Yesterday I went for a 2 hour walk/ hike, and ran into no highway, no store and only a few abandoned for the season vacation mansions. This place is amazing despite the desolation. The weather is mild and sunny. They really want it to snow, but I am cool with the sun's warm love.

It was burn day today in Sugarpine. I took all the dead moist leaves and mixed them with the dry needles, then proceeded to make a big fire. Oh what fun. I love out door fun especially when it involves burning things. I opened a PBR in honor of my good work. Ha! So that is the latest. Sugarpine. It might be nowhere to you, but it's where I'm at.

Love You!

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