Caravan Of Dreams

Yesterday I went to the East Village. I attempted to shop, but found myself empty handed and rather hungry. I headed down to Caravan of Dreams on 6th, just off of 1st. This place is totally amazing. All vegan organic- my favorite!! They had so many delicious entrees to choose from. Their menu even had a huge raw section. Starving, I wen for the Macrobiotic Plate. It came with a side side that had sunflower spouts, radishes, yellow & green bell peppers and was covered in some kind of yummy lemon dressing. I really put a smile on my face. Simple pleasures, right? Then the entree came. Yikes! It was huge. It was split into large portions of bbqed beans, plain quinoua, grilled setain, some sea veggie, and steamed kale accompanied with other green veggies. Delicious. Then there was this tahini sauce to top it all off. Yeh, I ate the whole thing. It was so good I had to. I can't help myself around vegan organic delights. I could eat like this everyday. Although I pretty much try to, nothing I cook ever turns out this beautiful & delicious! Now I have someone to look up to.

Eat well & be merry!

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