Love Lessons

Love lessons
In the past few days I have learned a lot about love. After watching "young and restless in china, crazy love, and commune, my thoughts on love have changed completely.

Crazy love is about the obsessed lover who threw acid in his ex girlfriend's face. Sounds horrific and it is but, this guys obsession is almost honorable. He is dedicated to this woman and will do anything to keep her. After realizing that she is "damage goods" and he gets out of jail, they reunite and are happily back together and in their 70's. This is a freak but amazing love indeed.

Young & restless in china depicts the lives of a few Chinese men and women. When the story goes deep into the farmland of china, the ancient arrange marriages are reveled. A migrant working young woman is forced to marry someone the matchmaker picks out for her. She is opposed while her brother states, why not commit to an arranged marriage? Like a spouse you pick could be better. What we dream is one thing, reality is yet another. This is a good point and something I can sort have grasp. Sometimes I feel as if I could marry anyone. It is all about the balance. Obviously if the guy is mean and violent that is not a good thing. But if things work on some sort of level, then why not flow with it. Our parents had a choice and they aren't always happy about it. Or are they?

Commune puts all these theories to shame by using communal settings to define love. Why keep one lover when you can have them all type attitude. Share and share alike it their motto. This seems like it could be ok and in the larger picture could reflect on society and the fact that we go through so many lovers before picking 'the one'. This orgy / sharing type of attitude is not only very difficult, but also very destructive.

I am a bit old fashioned and believe that I would like to have one lover that I can count on eternally. But as the migrant workers’ brother stated, dreams and reality are two different things. It is strange in our modern time that we have so many choices and in so change the social norm. We have no time restriction or any limitations. This is totally different than our parent's generation. I felt as if they had more pressure to do things a certain way and by a certain time. We are so free now. We have so many choices. I think that is why it is so difficult to find that special someone. Our dreams say one thing, but in reality those dreams aren't always possible.

Goodness! It is time to face the music and settle?

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