So, it has been almost 2 years since I left the farm. I have learned so much, but there is so much more to learn. Yesterday I learned how to do my hair. I went to the salon and asked Anne Quinn at Magnum Opus to help me with my smooth locks. Check. Today I am off to the face lady who is going to help me look pretty-ha! Like nature hasn't helped me with this before... goodness! So I am learning how to be a woman. It is all too funny to me! Look MoM - I am normal!! Ok, actually, I am starting to look like I am from the O.C. which is sad, because I moved away from there in 1999 to get away from the materialism and bull. I know this identity crisis has been interesting. I can't wait to get back to me again. Maybe I will stop brushing my hair again?? Who knows... one brushing at a time.

old Nicole

newish Nicole

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old....new...whatevaz....keep em comin!