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Introduced to dance music as a school boy, DEFine used to listen to and swap the latest mix tapes in school and venture into the local record shop to collect fliers for his bedroom wall. Through this activity a natural progression into the scene lead to more involvement in the music industry. Living in Milton Keynes, home of the legendary ‘ Sanctuary music arena ‘ and growing up with musicians such as Capdown, musical inspiration was always on his doorstep.

The late 90’s saw DEFine starting to dj out on a regular basis playing many of his first gigs on the illegal rave scene, being a part of Junction 14 crew and playing at such parties like Exodus, Survival and many others. It was here that he developed an appreciation for a heavier, more technical sound of Drum and Bass, influenced by the likes of Technical Itch, Dylan, Loxy, Kemal, Dom and Roland and labels like Renegade Hardware, Outbreak, Biotech, Penetration, Cylon and Flex.

His performance exposure further fueled his passion for the musical approach he strived for, and was soon co-running Milton Keynes first regular Drum and Bass club night. This lead to an addiction to the Drum and Bass sound and his keen enthusiasm and dedication secured an abundance of bookings and residencies both in the UK and Europe.

The next obvious progression for DEFine was into the studio - Mid 2000, alongside such peers as ; Infiltrata, Amaning, BTK and L Double he developed and mastered a unique, well engineered, original sound which lead to successful releases on DNB labels like Barcode, Human Imprint and Infiltrata Recordings.

Most recently DEFine has been captivated by the contemporary sound of Dubstep, receiving a lot of support and a residency at Sub Conscious and sets at events like Kontact and Stink Like Sock and future releases planned with SubConscious Recordings and Mode Recordings in 2008.

- I chilled with this cat in Milton Keynes this past Feb & he knows how to rage it proper!! this cat is cool & you will love the mix... esp.
when AFRIKA!!! hits!