Dear Portland,

It has been a good run. You got me out of Humboldt, you got me away from Robb, and you got me a whole new way of life. I am forever thankful, but I think it is time we parted ways. I love your sunny days, your rainy ones make me sad & lonely. Unfortunatly, the rain comes more than the sun, and the fun comes less than that. It isn't you Portland, it is me. I have lived such an extravegant life you see. I can't sit in my basement forever dreaming of all the fun that is out there as I stare out my little window at the drops coming down. I do love you and kinda really enjoy you. I just need more stimulation. I need more action, and let's face it, I need more hotties. I mean, if there were at lest two cute guys in the whole town, maybe I'd feel better. Unfortunatly, you haven't shown me the light of love here. I do adore the people but have never really felt as if this is the place for me. I like that people bike, plant things and are covered in tattoos. I love when people express themselves. Portland, you are overloaded with these types, and I love it. It is just not for me. Portland, I will stay with you till fall, but then I must go. I don't know where the wind shall take me, but I know it is time. It has almost been two years. You have served your puropse, now it is time I found mine.
You will always be remembered. Thank you for the love you have gave.


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