I love live music.

I love concerts. Here is a freewrite of all the bands I have seen.

Madonna, David Bowie, Pennywise, Moz, X, Led Zep, Phish, Phil Lesh + Dead People Crew, Kanye West, Nas, JayZ, Mealticket, Reel Bug Fish, Face to Face, Bruce Springsteen, Theeo, Radiohead, DMB, Sonic Youth, Buju Banton, Barrington Levi, Luciano, Sizzla, Jr. Gong, Tool, Fugazi, REM, Snoop, Diplo, Justice, Andy C, Husbands, Brant Bjork, Har Mar, Ab Rude, Bad Religion, DI, Socail D, Sister Carol, Izzy Vibes, Steal Pulse, Hole...

OK this is going nowhere... nevermind

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