Guys Are So Lame

Sometimes I can't believe that I am straight. So I did some research on dating since I am out of touch (or have never been in touch).
I found an article on the ackwardness feeling, aka the feeling when a guy & girl mutualy like eachother but don't want to be boy/girlfriend but still like eachother... get my drift?

How to Date :
Does He/She Like Me? :
Does He / She Like Me?
Many people are naturally insecure and doubt that they are liked even when it's pretty obvious. If she says hi to you all the time and enjoys talking to you, she likes you. People don't deliberately spend time talking to someone they dislike :) If he waits for you after school to talk to you, he likes you.

People often wonder, "does he like me ENOUGH" or "does she like me THAT way?" You have to take a step back and stop thinking in ultimate terms. Accept that he LIKES you. He talks to you, he likes you. She waits for you, she likes you. Relationships always start with friendships. If you're talking, you're friends. If you talk, you are liked. Build on that, build your friendship. Build the time you spend with each other. The more you talk together, the more you spend time together, the closer you'll get.

How to Date :
Does He/She Like Me? :
Is she really interested?
This is probably one of the oldest questions in the world :) That´s why there are so many love-o-meters and horoscopes out there, to try to figure it out.

Really, you have to sit down and be open and honest with your partner. Talk about what you both feel about the relationship. A lot of it depends on how long you´ve been together. If it´s only been a few weeks or months your partner may still be sorting out how he/she feels. After a year or two, though, it should be pretty clear if this is what you both want or not.

It all comes down to openness and honesty, and communicating well. Choose a quiet time that you both feel comfortable and able to talk for a while. Be a good listener.

(WARNING!!! This is where shit gets weird!!!)

Wow. I guess I needed it spelled out for me. Sometimes I wish I a guy would literally come and sweep me off my feet (I must be delirious for thinking this & putting it in print!). Ok I have said enough here. Trying to attract the opposite sex has many challenges. Am I up for a challenge is the question.

Love you!

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