March 26 In Twin Peaks

26 Mar (Sunday)

-- 10 hours later, Truman and Andy are still waiting for Cooper

7:25 am (Andrew's watch)
-- Audrey practices civil disobedience and chains herself to the Twin Peaks
Savings and Loans' bank vault "in protest of their financial ties to the
Ghostwood development project." Security guard answers the phone,
"it's a boy! It's a boy!" Andrew and Pete arrive and open the safety
deposit box to discover a bomb that goes off. Eckhardt's note: Got you,
Andrew, Love, Thomas.
-- Bobby tells Shelly he wants to marry her.
S: Oh, what kept us, Heidi? Seconds on knockwurst this morning?
H: I couldn't get my car started.
S: Too busy jump starting the old man... again.
B: I thought you Germans were always on time.
-- Leo still surviving
-- Jacoby brings Sarah to Mr. and Mrs. Briggs. Sarah has a message for
Garland: "I'm in the Black Lodge...with Dale Cooper," spoken in
a dark, muddy voice.
-- {Figure 2} Shot of empty hallway to the red rooms.
LMFAP: "I'm waiting for you."
-- {Figure 3} Cooper and the Little Man From Another Place sitting in
the red room. Normal light.
LMFAP: When you see me again, it won't be me. This is the waiting
room. Would you like some coffee? Some of your friends are
Laura comes in and sits down in the chair next to LMFAP.
Laura: Hello Agent Cooper. {winks, snaps her fingers} I'll see you
again in 25 years. Meanwhile... {presents her hands}
{Figure 4} Great Northern room service waiter appears in the chair
where Laura sat, with a cup of coffee.
GNRSW: Hoo! Woo, woo, woo, woo {with hand in front of mouth--the
"Indian noise"} Hallelujah!
LMFAP: Hallelujah!
GNRSW rises and walks up to Cooper with the coffee.
GNRSW: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
He sets down solid coffee for Cooper. The giant appears where GNRSW
stood. He walks back to the chair and sits down.
Giant: One and the same.
LMFAP rubs his hands. The giant has disappeared. Cooper picks up his
coffee - it's liquid. When he's about to drink, it's solid. LMFAP
continues rubbing his hands. The coffee's liquid. LMFAP looks away.
The coffee's viscous.
LMFAP: Wow, Bob, wow. Fire walk with me.
{Figure 5} Fire. A scream. Strobe effect. LMFAP has disappeared.
Cooper walks to the other room. Normal light. Identical furniture
but empty. He walks back to the original room.
{Figure 6} LMFAP sits in the chair. Normal light.
LMFAP: Wrong way
Cooper goes back to the other room. It is reversed. LMFAP sits in the
the chair and babbles excitedly. Then:
LMFAP: Another friend.
LMFAP continues to babble, ducks behind a chair. Maddy enters wearing
a black dress identical to Laura's.
Maddy: I'm Maddy. Watch out for my cousin. {can't see whether her
eyes are white}
{Figure 7} Maddy has disappeared. Cooper goes back to the original
room. It's empty. LMFAP (shadow self) appears next to him.
LMFAP (shadow self): Doppelganger
{Figure 8} Laura (shadow self) appears next to a chair.
Laura (shadow self): {presenting hands, angrily:} Meanwhile
Strobe effect. She screams, climbs up on the chair, runs up to Cooper,
flash of Earle's shadow self. Cooper runs back to the other room.
Normal light. Cooper is bleeding from his stomach, and there's a trail
of blood on the floor.
{Figure 9} Cooper follows the blood trail back to the original room.
Caroline and Cooper on the floor bleeding. Caroline changes to Annie,
in Caroline's dress. Annie sits up. Strobe effect.
Cooper: Caroline? Annie? Annie? Annie? Annie? Annie? Annie?
{Figure 10} Cooper goes back to the other room. Normal light.
Annie is standing there, wearing the black dress from the pageant.
Annie: Dale. I saw the face of the man who killed me.
Cooper: Annie...the face of the man who killed you?
Annie: It was my husband.
Cooper: Annie?
Annie: Who's Annie? It's me.
Annie changes to Caroline (shadow self), in Caroline's dress, standing
in front of a formica (?) table.
Caroline (shadow self): It's me, it's me.
Cooper: Caroline?
Caroline changes back to Annie, in Caroline's dress.
Annie: You must be mistaken. I'm alive.
Annie turns into Laura (shadow self), screaming, then turns into
Windom Earle.
Earle: Dale Cooper.
Annie, in pageant dress, appears off to the side by the table, vanishes.
Earle: {laughs} If you give me your soul, I'll let Annie live.
Cooper: I will.
Earle stabs Cooper. Fire. Rewind of stabbing.
{Figure 11} BOB appears, grabs Earle. Strobe effect.
BOB: {to Earle} Be quiet. Be quiet. {to Cooper} You go. He is
wrong. He can't ask for your soul. I will take his.
A spout of fire appears over Earle's head, and his head slumps forward.
BOB laughs, Cooper leaves. Cooper's shadow self enters, crouches
beside BOB, and laughs with him.
{Figure 12} Normal light. Cooper enters a hallway. Leland (shadow
self) enters from the side.
Leland (shadow self): I did not kill anybody.
Cooper sees his shadow self enter the hallway, and starts to run.
Cooper's shadow self follows him, walking past Leland's shadow self.
{Figure 13} Cooper runs through another hallway, an empty room (strobe
effect) and a hallway. His shadow self runs through the empty room.
{Figure 14} Normal light. Cooper runs through a hallway and a room
with chairs. His shadow self chases him closely and catches up to him
at the curtains. Strobe effect. BOB appears and laughs.

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