Jet Lag of Ambition

Hey now! Back from the best vacation ever! Super tired still... woke up at 4am today thinking I was in London or something... or maybe i am still getting over the DMZ party I went to on Saturday! Wicked! The party was too fun. Even with ear plugs, it rocked my world... raga bass in yo face! So now I am back in Portland. I am highly motivated to really find out what makes this city tick. I am trying to stay totaly busy and have no down time to get bored or bothered by the weather. So if you want to do anything... just let me know... i might be game. Hope all is well. More pictures to come... take care and love on!

Oh did I mention that KIDZ RAGE?!

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Boxed Media Group said...

....hit up my boy Noah D....he runz tingz in P-land: