Gent vs Den Haag

Den Haag raging some good ol' drum n bass

Local graff in Gent

Double Yum Yum on stage with da Dj's

The Duvaal made me do it!

Building around the art!

We met up with Tom in Gent. Tom is one of Eric’s friends who kindly had us over and gave us an extensive tour of his hometown of Gent. He said he was proud to show off his town and I can see why. Gent is like a little San Francisco. It has so much going on. We went and saw the Lamb of God painting at a local church that was very old. The paintings and statues where so detailed. After some sightseeing we hit the pub for a few Belgium beers. Mine was good but Eric’s tasted like cat piss or what cat piss would taste like. They had a beer there that was so big that you had to take your shoe off to drink it. They would serve you the beer then take your shoe and put it in a basket high above the bar until you finished your beer. Crazy! We hit up a few graffiti toy stores, as well as a graffiti legal zone, where anyone can come and tag. I think we could use some of these zones in the states. Good medium for expression without facing the consequences of jail. We cruzed around the beautiful city of Gent and then came to the castle. This castle was authentic and sat right on the water in the middle of town. It was amazing. You could see where people tried to storm it and how they were retaliated against. Old school. After we got some grinds at the local pancake place. Not truly a pan cake but more like a creep filled with salmon and leeks- yum! Topped it off with celery salt and presto- Gent yum yum! This was such a great day, I though. I didn’t realize that the fun had just begun.

After chilling in wonderful Gent all day with Eric & Tom, we met up with some more friends, David & Arnaud and headed to Holland. We arrived in Den Haag around 11ish, just enough time to pick up Kitty, Tom’s girlfriend, get ready for the night and hit up a cafe. Tom works at a club in Den Haag that was having a drum n bass party that night. Sweet! We roll in guest listed and got a tour of the whole venue, including the stage where Andy C was about to throw down some wicked shit! This was super fun. It had been over ten years since I had been to a party like this. Andy C mashed it up in one room while a few dub step dj’s threw down some deep bass in the other. Amazing! I had a blast dancing to the dub sounds. This was the best day ever!

We hung out in Den Haag for a few more days after the party. What a lovely town. It was full of life and everyone was high. It was so fun hanging with the crew we had assembled. Arnaud aka Yum Yum, was so funny, he had everyone laughing the whole time. Tom and Kitty were so kind having all of us over in their home. We went crazy with funny photo shoots while we were there. We dressed David up in a crazy bear hat and had so much fun coaching him on poses for the camera. Eric was like the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, we had to leave and go back to the UK. We rolled back the same we came and hit Milton Keynes around midnight on Sunday. This was the best road trip by far. Such fun people to be around and so many wonderful places travelled. I already miss the good times we had! Until the next episode, cheers!

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