the warlocks

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Last night I saw Jen. She plays bass in a quasi-psychodelic band called The Warlocks. When I saw Jen on stage,I could not help but smile. I was proud of her. As teens, we all dreamed of being rock n rollers. Amaris and I would sit and sing songs about Johnny Franck, while Jen laughed. We were so hardcore then. It is a riot to think about all the good times that we have shared. It is amazing to think of the lives we have lived since then. I got to see Jen for only a few minutes and was still drowned from the smokey sounds of her band, as we shared a few questions and answers. Scratching the surface of eternities of years between us. It made me miss the years of confusion and freedom, to which we had grown from. I can wonder what it would be like for Jen, Katie, Amaris and I to be old ladies, drinking tea, discussing our past adventures. Oh, the days of the golden orange have squeezed by us. Onto the future, with a reminisent vision of lovely youth, which I will never forget. Double Dare Yah GrrrL.

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