Bikram Yoga Breakdown Cleanse

Hi. I am on day 3 of my 24 day Bikram Yoga Breakdown Cleanse. This cleanse consists of 24 days of non stop Bikram Yoga. The diet consists of: morning; a shot of half apple cider vinegar & flax seed oil, oats & apples, and yerba mate. Afternoons; Huge salad with brown rice, olive oil, braggs, and nutritional yeast followed by herbal tea. Evenings; yoga, and anything goes dinner ( normally brown rice and veggie stir fry). It is going really good so far. Today I hacked up some crap and yesterday I felt like crap due to all the toxins pouring out of my contaminated body. WIsh me good luck as I go into the extreem healthy choices mode. Love you!

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